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The farm estate


The 'Tenuta Due Laghi' is a superb, 50 hectares wide country estate, that is inserted in the magnificent scenario of the Valle Santa Reatina (the Rieti Holy Valley), within the boundaries of the 'Laghi Lungo e di Ripasottile' Natural Reserve.

The 'Tenuta Due Laghi' consists in a biologic-agricultural farm: its main products are spelt, maize, green vegetables, legumes, potatoes, and olive oil.

Every produce is certified as 'biologic' according to the EEC law 209/91.The farm centre is located at the top of a pleasant hill, at the height of 550 m above the sea level.

Its 360° panorama embraces the Lungo Lake and the Ripa Sottile Lake, the high Terminillo Mountains, the four Franciscan Sanctuaries (Greccio, Fonte Colombo, La Foresta, San Giacomo) on the wooded slopes of the Holy Valley, and the Rieti town.

At the 'Tenuta Due Laghi' guests are lodged in a historic hillside villa, that was restored as a hotel with 7 smartly-furnished rooms with all comforts: private bathroom, oak parquet, colour TV, heating and air condition.

One of the rooms is also equipped with assistance comforts for disabled people.

The 'Tenuta Due Laghi' places at your disposal its entire structure, with the magic and quiet atmosphere of our countryside; you will enjoy an unforgettable experience, in close contact with a uncontaminated nature, all this only ten minutes away from the Rieti town center, and one hour away from Rome, the 'Aeterna Urbs'

The guests of the 'Tenuta Due Laghi' can enjoy privileged conditions and prices at the 'Centro d'Italia' Golf Club and at the Rieti Aero-Club.

Also, plenty of sports and activities can be optimally practised in the very close surroundings of our farm: mountain-biking, horse-riding, rowing, river and lake boating, canoeing, glider and delta-flying, fishing, trekking, rafting and bird-watching.

Tenuta Due Laghi is at your disposal for organizing ceremonies, feasts, meetings, symposia, or simply for a relaxing week-end or for a party with your friends.


The farm actually consists in a 50 hectares wide country estate, half in the hillside, half in the lowlands toward the Ripasottile Lake. Under the management of Mrs. Marinella Tosoni Vincenti Mareri the farm cultivates several biologic productions: the main ones are wheat, spelt, maize, forages, green vegetables, and legumes (e.g. gram, bean, lentil).

On the hillside we have 180 olive trees for production of genuine olive oil and exquisite snack olives. Also, we are realizing a poultry stock-farm and a cultivation for blackberries and raspberries. Every produce is certified as 'biologic' according to the EEC law 209/91; certifications are provided by an authorized organism, the 'QC&I international Services'.

You can enjoy all the genuine products of the 'Tenuta due Laghi' not only in our restaurant but also at your home, by directly buying stocks in the farm. Our guests will be able to walk all around the country paths of the farm, getting to the shores of the Ripa Sottile Lake; there, in the middle of wild can-fields you will find pile-buildings for bird-watching activities.

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Tenuta Due Laghi
loc. Campigliano, 29 - 02100 Rivodutri (RI)
T/F: +39 0746.685206 - M: +39 347.7705131
P.Iva: 00916810575