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The restaurant of the 'Tenuta Due Laghi' occupies the farm building that originally lodged the stables.

Now, our guests will find there a warm and comfortable atmosphere, under the original wooden roof.

The original furniture of the XIX century and of the early XX century had been used by our ancestors for furnishing the 'Villetta' of the farm, i.e. the Villa dependance; the furniture was accurately restored, and now it is harmonically mixed with contemporary and colonial interior decorations .

The restaurant can comfortably contain up to 70 guests.

In Italy the pleasure of a healthy and genuine food has been recently rediscovered. In such context, the regional cuisine has been playing a protagonist role.

More and more people want to escape the industrial standardization of the past decades about food and wines, by exploring the extraordinary range of tastes and ingredients that had been traditionally proposed by the various regional gastronomic and oenological traditions.

Therefore, a new kind of tourism has been developed: the oenological-gastronomic tourism.

From the 'Tradizione Sabina' menu you can enjoy the original recipes of our land: e.g., 'bucatini all'amatriciana', 'fregnacce alla reatina', 'gnocchi con il castrato'.

The spelt bread and the wheat bread are hand-kneaded and baked in our oven; an analogous treatment is applied to the egg-dough pasta and all our cakes.


Latium, and particularly the Sabina land, possess an emeritus tradition for genuine foods and wines.

Also, in the Rieti countryside many agricultural farms have recently evolved as oenological-gastronomic tourist resorts, for guests from all over the world.

The 'Tenuta due Laghi' can optimally satisfy the most demanding desires of the oenological-gastronomic tourists about genuine ingredients and products: in fact, in the fields of our own farm the produces are 'biologically' cultivated (i.e. the cultivations comply with the statements of the EEC law 209/91about the limited use of pesticides and other chemical aids); moreover, other genuine ingredients, such as meat, charcuterie, cheese, are supplied by other highly qualified producers of the local surroundings.

All this allow us to offer to our guests a healthy cuisine, that is correctly based on the authentic gastronomy of our land, with light but tasteful dishes. Moreover, some traditional recipes were creatively harmonized with modern culinary techniques.

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Tenuta Due Laghi
loc. Campigliano, 29 - 02100 Rivodutri (RI)
T/F: +39 0746.685206 - M: +39 347.7705131
P.Iva: 00916810575